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Art is as essential to our lives as air. There has never been a time or a life that did not need to be expressed on a wall in Lascaux, on a subway wall in Brooklyn, or on a canvas in Montmatre. If you don't think art matters, you're a fish who thinks water is a figment of someone's imagination.

Mino Christante

Elizabeth Luallen, Artist

Elizabeth Luallen is a lost gem from the 20th Century who exemplifies what still lies undiscovered in great art.

Please support this effort by purchasing prints and posters. Like the art, prints are of only the finest quality. You can order many different formats by mousing over any work, then clicking on the format you desire, be it fine art, print, canvas wrap, or notecard. Then follow the prompts. If you need help, just email

Please contact me with questions or inquiries regarding the original works of art on our site, Much thanks for visiting. Thank you for helping spread the beauty of fine art.

Mino Christante



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